Research & Development

CMC Aerospace R&D

Innovation Projects

CMC Aerospace R&D projects are driven by top-rank local and international universities and research labs to create a vision of excellence and industrially superior products and services.

CMC Aerospace R&D initiatives are focused on engineering the assembly of structures & production phases (faster time-to-market while decreasing costs and increasing quality and repeatability), metal sheet forming techniques, new materials & tools and augment reality tecnologies for assembly and quality inspections.

CMC Labs R&D

Green WSANs technology for real world applications

CMC LABS ( R&D designs, develops and produces innovative solutions of system and devices for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSANs). Our technology core brings wireless and green solutions to sensor networks to be used in a wide range of applications, leading the benefit of increased lifetime (up to perpetual operation) and installation readiness, while drastically reducing the need of human intervention.