About us


CMC s.r.l., established in 1981, operates mostly in the aeronautics sector which remains today its core business. Extended on a 22.000m² headquarter landscape area, it includes a 2.500m² production area, a 200m² storage area and 1200m² of offices and laboratories space.
CMC s.r.l. is a funding member of Apulian Aerospace District.
CMC s.r.l. is divided into two business units: CMC Aerospace & CMC Labs.

CMC Aerospace initiatives are focused:
• Production and assembly of aerostructures under customers' specifications and design;
• Production of assembly tools and equipments;
• Design, production, assistence and maintenance of equipments and systems for aeronautics, space and defence fields.

CMC LABS ( initiatives are focused:
• Energy harvesting/scavenging technologies;
• Wireless Sensors Network and Actuator Networks (WSNANs);
• Very low power integrated microsystems;
• Microchips and sensors’ design (also MEMS).

CMC Aerospace

Work Force Capability

90.000hrs/yr structures assembly capability (tail booms, winglets, cabins, wings, fuselage sections).
12.000hrs/yr mechanical & metal sheet parts production for vertically integrated sub-assy or spare parts.
18.000hrs/yr engineering support (design, technical management, production flow optimization, etc etc).
Willingness to expand capability with proven long term industrial partnership with other companies.